Clinton Cowart

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Clinton Cowart My Life Unvailed

I am a proud native of Savannah. Like many of you, I have enjoyed much of the wonderful life our city has on offer. I am tired, however, of the common person getting pushed around by the local government. I am tired of being blase about the politics in our community. It’s time to set a new standard of politician in our city. One not ruled by party lines, but one ruled by the common citizen.

I know what it is like to have people doubt you. In my early life, the doctors doubted I would live. Proved that wrong. They doubted I would walk. Proved the wrong. The school board tried to segregate my education. Won that battle. In the end I had the last laugh.

I spent years in and out of hospitals. A good chunk of that time, I was a patient in the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. Because of their influence as an adult, I joined the Alee Temple right here in Savannah.

I received a Associates of Arts in the Humanities from Armstrong State University, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems from Georgia Southern University, and a Masters degree in Human Resources from Webster University. Not bad for someone the school board tried to hold back?

As a teenager, I developed a deep interest in politics. In 2021, I decided to run in the Special Election for House District 165 because I felt it was time for new ideas to come out of the district. Savannah has a deep tradition of being politically influential in Georgia. I want to carry the torch of freedom for our area.

I was a gig worker before gig work became cool. Most of my adult life, I have lived paycheck to paycheck. I understand when someone has to choose gas to get to work or food on the table. I learn to make a mean bowl of ramen noodle soup. I know what it means going weeks without work just to get a gig that will cover the rent for another month.

I love to give back to my region. I use my human resources skills for good. I own a human resource consulting business, Cowart Consulting. I specialize in making the process smooth for both the business and employees. Previously, I have even picked up employees so that they could get to and from work in a comfortable, safe manner. I have given businesses the ability to run the business by conducting the interview process for them.

Like many citizens of Savannah, I love the vibrant film and stage industry in our region. My first role was in the CBS Television Movie of the week, “When the Circus Came to Town” in 1980. I decided in 2015 to give acting a real try. My latest role was in the short, “The Hitchhiker” where I depicted Dwayne.

In our city I have been a part of many civic organizations. For years I was a Shriner at the Alee Temple. In college, I was a senator in student government representing the disabled community. I served as the Director of Technology for the Statesboro chapter of The Society of Human Resources. I have also been a member of Toastmasters International. I was also a member of the Masons, both Scottish and York Rites.

I want to set a new standard of political thought for Savannah. I want to honor the birthplace of liberty in Georgia. It is time for Savannah to get off the sidelines complaining and once again do something about it.

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